Life Illustrated: Mermaid Edition

This ones probably my favorite. This is Piper, Sissy, and me dancing at the beach. And there is a mermaid swimming below us. She’s enjoying the shine from the three suns, too. You can never have enough sunshine. That pink and yellow stacked thing is a bento box. We like to take our sushi with us wherever we go. photo-325

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Life Illustrated With Poetry

Piper wrote her first poem today. It’s illustrated with a translation. If I ever needed confirmation that my children are plotting to keep me contained within the walls of this house so that they don’t have to share me with the world, I now have it. Piper put me in a box. Then she loved me. 

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Life Illustrated: Preschool Edition

Remember this? Piper was never thrilled about preschool.

What a difference a school year makes.

She wore her purple shirt today, the one with the rainbow, just so that she could draw herself this way.  Her hair had to be in braids. And that little red swirl is a smile on Piper’s face.

Life Illustrated Part 7

A Piper knows how to get what she wants. Her usual weapon is relentless coercion. Repeating a request fourteen times tends to be persuasive. Her collection of Lalaloopsies is evidence.

Or, she’ll just threaten to cage you until you fork over the cash at the toy store:

Either way, to Piper it’s a win win.

When I asked Piper about those walls in her toy store which seem to be closing in on me, she said, “Hey. I least I gave you soft carpet to stand on.”

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Have you checked your calendar lately? It may be closer to Halloween than you think. A Piper has already begun planning. Don’t let those innocent rainbows fool you.

Spring flowers make perfect costumes. That’s how you hide from rainbow ghosts when you’re finished bouncing in the new grass. Tall, green grass? It’s bouncy. Just like a Piper.

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Life Illustrated Part 5

Piper loves going to the toy store, but it doesn’t always go like this.

She’d definitely wear a rainbow on her head if she could. Sometimes we let her do more than just look with her pretty eyes, though. And I’ve never smelled giraffe garbage at Toys R Us, but I’ll be sure to take a better sniff next time we’re there. Piper is probably right. As usual.

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Life Illustrated Part 4

You may remember that the Piper isn’t a fan of preschool.

I thought we’d made progress.  We’ve moved from screaming fits to benign loathing. Sometimes, though, her discontent at the injustice of daycare seeps through and the truth comes out, even in animal form.

What kind of a writing prompt is that anyway? Poor Kitty.

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