Life Illustrated: Mermaid Edition

This ones probably my favorite. This is Piper, Sissy, and me dancing at the beach. And there is a mermaid swimming below us. She’s enjoying the shine from the three suns, too. You can never have enough sunshine. That pink and yellow stacked thing is a bento box. We like to take our sushi with us wherever we go. photo-325

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It’s Me. Your Pipey.

Sleep seems to take so long for the Piper. It’s like almost ten whole hours that we are apart. Piper doesn’t know how we stand the moments without her. She knows it’s hard on us. So she wakes us every morning the same. Gently.

First, she scurries to the door to check for sunlight. She’s not allowed to get out of bed until the sun does. It’s also supposed to be after a number that starts with 7.

Once Piper gets the go ahead from the sun, she starts whispering. From the hallway.

She uses her best breathless Kathleen Turner voice. “Good morning,” she whispers, “the sun is awake. Good morning, family.”

Then she pounces and announces. “It’s me, people. It’s me. The Piper. Your Pipey. I’m here for the morning snuggle. Did you miss me?”

Of course we did.