Life Illustrated Part 6

Have you checked your calendar lately? It may be closer to Halloween than you think. A Piper has already begun planning. Don’t let those innocent rainbows fool you.

Spring flowers make perfect costumes. That’s how you hide from rainbow ghosts when you’re finished bouncing in the new grass. Tall, green grass? It’s bouncy. Just like a Piper.

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2 thoughts on “Life Illustrated Part 6

  1. An artist and a strategist; she may vex you in the coming years. Enjoyed very much your comments about writers being liars. For me, time and encroaching senility has turned lie into truth in my own mind and makes writing with conviction much easier.

  2. E keeps a journal and has a specific page dedicated to Halloween costume ideas. And it’s not unusual for our shared journal to contain costume recommendations for me and J. Somehow, The Hubs has convinced E that his permanent costume is “Family Camera Guy” so he’s never subjected to the ever-changing parade of costume demands. At least she’s planning ahead. I guess.

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