Life Illustrated Part 3

You never get a simple answer when you ask a Piper. Her mind works in mysterious ways. Yesterday, her preschool teacher wanted to know what Piper liked.  She only wanted one answer really but that isn’t what she got. This is:

Piper likes jumping but apparently I ruin her fun. At least there is the wind.  Purple wind, which I have to admit would be cool.  Is that like purple rain? Piper also likes to pack her suitcase. She’s used to traveling, especially to Florida. And when she’s not flying somewhere, relishing in purple wind, and breaking dishes, Piper just likes to rock. “What kind of rocking?” I asked. “Lady Gaga rocking,” she said. Of course. Is there any other kind?

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4 thoughts on “Life Illustrated Part 3

    • Who can resist? I taught high school when I was pregnant with Piper, so my theory is that she was used to the loud music and noise. Gaga feels comforting. Thanks for reading! You’ll have a little one rocking to Gaga very soon…

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