Life Illustrated Part 1

One way to get inside Piper’s head is to observe her “art.” I do intend the air quotes, by the way.  This is apparently what my partner and I do on romantic getaways:

First, I don’t wear snuggies in public.  Geez.  And the rainbow dress would never fit Piper’s dad.  I’m certainly not taking somebody’s baby on my date.  And why is there a decapitated moose head next to the poop?  I probably shouldn’t ask. In fact, my questions just get in the way.  To Piper, it just is. Her imagination is a frightening and wonderful place. As it should be.

8 thoughts on “Life Illustrated Part 1

  1. Why is this age all about the poop? My 5 year old includes poop and farts in most of her stories. Yesterday’s was about a hippo that farted all the time at the zoo because he was fed the wrong kind of beans. Mystery girl found the cause so that the zoo could feed the proper kind of beans ending the farts.

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