365 Piperisms

Why a blog about Piper?  Why subscribe to a theory of piperism?  Because this child will never have a baby book.  I admire those moms with scrapbooking skills but that’s not who I am.  Ask any of my sorority sisters, I couldn’t even puffy paint straight lines.  I’m not crafty.  I hardly even take photos and certainly not good ones.

But I can tell you a story. The story of Piper is the story of any child who is so loved that their antics beg documentation.  At the end of this year I hope to press the print button and have stories I can give to Piper one day of the child she was and the person she became.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for listening.  I hope you enjoy piperism.

4 thoughts on “365 Piperisms

  1. Mom! What are you talking about! You’re fine at arts & crafts. And if you really need a baby book that bad, I’d be happy to do it. You know me!

  2. I don’t know where you got all of your crafty genes from, Isabelle, but it isn’t from your mother. I can hardly even use scissors. Your creativity astounds me. I try hard to stay out of your way. Baby book duty is all yours!

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