Clown. Witch. Ghost. None of the Above.

Halloween is upon us. At least that what my mail full of costume catalogs indicates. Piper can’t decide what she wants to be. It’s a daily drama. “I want to be a cowgirl. No. I want to be Dorothy from Wizard of Odd (you read that right). No. Maybe I’ll be a turtle. Or a fairy.” It goes on and on.

Sissy’s decided, though. “I think I’ll go as Piper (you read that right, too).”

I hadn’t realized that Piper has become a Halloween persona.

“Oh, that will be hard,” Piper said.

“Why? All I need is a tutu and rainbow stuff,” Sissy said.

Piper looked down at her tutu and rainbow shirt. She may have noticed her rainbow striped pants and sparkly headband. You know, dear reader, that I let Piper dress herself and sometimes I have to admit that she does look like she’s wearing a costume.

“Oh know. You’ll have to have the tutu, the rainbow shirt, the colorful bracelets, the braids, the jeweled headband, the sparkly sandals, the tattoos, the rainbow puppy underwear, and all the other stuff.”

“That’s a lot,” Sissy said.

“It’s not easy being a Piper. I don’t just come in a catalog, you know.”

Life Illustrated: Preschool Edition

Remember this? Piper was never thrilled about preschool.

What a difference a school year makes.

She wore her purple shirt today, the one with the rainbow, just so that she could draw herself this way. ¬†Her hair had to be in braids. And that little red swirl is a smile on Piper’s face.