Shh. The Fruit is Listening.

Piper likes cantaloupe. A lot. She wants it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And snack, too.

“Mom, I’m the cantaloupe whisperer,” she reported yesterday, stroking a melon in the grocery store aisle.

“Really? What do you tell them?”

Piper knocked on the melon. She sniffed it. “You can’t hear me. That’s the whisperer part.”


If you’ve been keeping up with your piperisms, you know that our little spitfire took a tumble last week. She earned herself a trip to the ER and four stitches. The stitches thread is blue, which Piper thinks is awesome. You can read about the drama here.

Yesterday Piper returned to school. She was excited to share her injury. Unfortunately, her mother made her put a band aid on it to keep out additional germs. Moms ruin all the fun. So Piper asked me to take a picture of her gruesome chin and print it. Stitches make for killer show and tell. Piper didn’t mind the attention one little bit.

She came home from school with this note from two of her best buddies.


“I am sorry that you fell down. Your friends, Madeline and Kian.”

So Sorry About This

This note came back to us in Piper’s homework folder yesterday.¬†photo-320

Apparently, Sissy was helping Piper with her homework the night before. Piper didn’t receive words for the word sort assignment. Sissy took it upon herself to communicate appropriately to the teacher.

Thank goodness someone is parenting the Piper. When I grow up, I want to be Sissy.