Beach Illustrated

According to Piper, this is what the beach looks like:


There is always a rainbow at the beach. Your mommy is always with you. And those big bright shiny things in the sky? That’s how bright the stars are at the beach. Sometimes you see shooting stars, too. Your rainbow protects you from their fall.

Your mom carries a sand bucket and a shovel for you at the beach, too. Oh, and mom is green. Either green was the only crayon available or Piper watched the Wizard of Oz at the beach for the first time. But, really, if your mom was a witch, would she carry your sand castle making implements? I don’t think so.

Free Will or Something Like That

This is one of the library books I read over and over these days.

Piper loves it because, like the little girl in the story, she thinks kindergarten might be a little scary, too.  The story girl decides to keep a diary about her feelings as she embarks on her new adventure. First, she plans her outfit.

Piper loves this idea because it involves her favorite things: choosing her own clothes, tutus, and rainbow anything. “I think she looks beautiful,” Piper says during our 316th read.

This is what the little girl’s mom actually makes her wear:

See how sad the little girl is? Her mom even made her wear socks. Someone should call protective services. Piper finds this a great injustice. “She’s already scared of school and then her mommy makes her wear something scary, too? Socks are so itchy.” Piper gets this little girl. She wants to fight for her right to dress herself.

The story ends well. No surprise there, huh? The little girl loves kindergarten. She never wants to leave. She forgives her mom for publicly humiliating her by making her look presentable on the first day of school. Piper won’t budge on the issue, though.

“You’d let me wear the first outfit, wouldn’t you?” Piper asks.

I nod, reluctantly. It’s true. This isn’t my first rodeo. I pick my battles. Besides, rainbows and tutus make Piper feel powerful. But I understand the other mommy. I’ve gotten more than a few looks for letting Piper be a Piper.

“You’re a good mommy,” Piper declares, which probably just earned her a pass to wear Mardi Gras beads and a tiara tomorrow, too. With ruby red slippers. Piper believes you can’t over accessorize. Whatever it takes to feel like you can conquer kindergarten and the world.

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night. And During the Day. Afternoon, Too.

I know what you’ve been thinking. As much as the Piper loves all things rainbow, I’ve been neglecting one very important accessory.

You’ve heard from Sissy in “A Rainbow of Fruit Flavors” about Piper’s love of rainbow dresses.

You know that Piper’s parachute would be rainbow colored.

You may even remember, dear reader, that Sissy wanted to name Piper after a rainbow. Refresh yourself in “What’s in a Name? Guts.”

And don’t forget Piper’s plethora of rainbow tutus in “When in Doubt, Tutu.”

In fact, just for fun, I typed in “rainbow” in the little search engine at the top of the blog to see how many times I’ve written about Piper’s obsession with all things rainbow. It’s too embarrassing to reveal. You’ll just have to do it yourself.

But still, something was missing, wasn’t?

You’ll probably sleep better tonight knowing that the rainbow sunglasses have been procured. Whew.

Life Illustrated Part 6

Have you checked your calendar lately? It may be closer to Halloween than you think. A Piper has already begun planning. Don’t let those innocent rainbows fool you.

Spring flowers make perfect costumes. That’s how you hide from rainbow ghosts when you’re finished bouncing in the new grass. Tall, green grass? It’s bouncy. Just like a Piper.

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