Beach Illustrated

According to Piper, this is what the beach looks like:


There is always a rainbow at the beach. Your mommy is always with you. And those big bright shiny things in the sky? That’s how bright the stars are at the beach. Sometimes you see shooting stars, too. Your rainbow protects you from their fall.

Your mom carries a sand bucket and a shovel for you at the beach, too. Oh, and mom is green. Either green was the only crayon available or Piper watched the Wizard of Oz at the beach for the first time. But, really, if your mom was a witch, would she carry your sand castle making implements? I don’t think so.

Kids These Days

Just when you think you know someone. Geez.

One of the best things about kindergarten is the new friends. Piper’s made some good ones. She’s kept her old ones, too, but her new ones have brought new friends into our whole family. It’s a win-win. So we were a bit shocked last night at dinner when Piper admitted that her classmate, Madeline, may not be the best influence.

“Madeline knows all the curse words. She said she’d teach them to me, too.”

My fork stopped mid-bite. “What?” I managed.

Dad jumped right in. “Oh? Like which ones?” Inquiring minds want details.

“I think all of them,” Piper said. “How many are there?”

“There’s a lot,” Dad said. “Which ones does she know?”

“I don’t know. But she definitely knows them. I saw her writing them.”

Sissy jumped up from the table and got a pad of paper and a pen. She brought it to Piper and wrote something down. “Is this a curse word?” she asked.

“Yep,” Piper said. “That’s what Madeline can do, too. I can’t wait to use curse words. Madeline is going to teach me how.”

Sissy sighed and handed over the notepad to me. “She means cursive, folks. Not curse words. You can breathe again.”

Niblets and Gravy

“Piper, you really should close the curtains before you change your clothes.”

“It’s okay, Mom. I’ve only got niblets.”


“There’s a big storm on the way, Piper. We may lose power.”

“I’ll eat all the ice cream if you want me to, Mom. Would that be helpful?”


“What did you do at school today, Piper?”

“I chased Andrew. Pretended to do my school work. And tried to take a nap when I went to the bathroom. Same as always.”

Being a Mom is Hard

We have a family tradition on birthdays that we tell you our favorite thing about you and give you a dollar. The favorite thing thing is a blast. The dollar is just a bonus.

Just for fun, here’s Piper getting her favorite things present in “Happy Fake Birthday to You.”

And here’s Piper telling me her favorite thing in “Happy Birthday to Me.”

Yesterday was Grandma’s birthday so Piper and Sissy called her to share the tradition. Sissy said her favorite thing was that Grandma was so crafty. Grandma taught Sissy to sew and needlepoint and other domestic arts that I have zero skill in. Then Piper grabbed the phone:

My favorite thing about you is that you are my mom’s mom. Being a mom is hard. I know. You’re a good mom and you were nice to my mom. That’s my favorite thing, Grandma. 

And here’s my favorite picture of Grandma and Piper: