Beach Illustrated

According to Piper, this is what the beach looks like:


There is always a rainbow at the beach. Your mommy is always with you. And those big bright shiny things in the sky? That’s how bright the stars are at the beach. Sometimes you see shooting stars, too. Your rainbow protects you from their fall.

Your mom carries a sand bucket and a shovel for you at the beach, too. Oh, and mom is green. Either green was the only crayon available or Piper watched the Wizard of Oz at the beach for the first time. But, really, if your mom was a witch, would she carry your sand castle making implements? I don’t think so.

My Family Illustrated

For Back to School Night, Piper drew a picture of her family. Here we are:

Piper’s wearing her blue sparkly outfit from the first day of school. That big black thing in the corner is the dog we don’t have but Piper wishes we did. I dearly hope that other blob playing with a purple airplane is not another child but it sure looks like one to me. Her dad clearly needs to shave. We’re standing under a rainbow. Of course.