Happy Blogiversary to Us!

Here we are, dear readers. One year. 365+ posts. 50,000 plus hits. New friends. Old friends. Faithful readers. A lot of memories. More to come.

Just like one year ago when we began, I’m not sure where Piperism is going next. If parenting has taught me anything, it’s not to assume I have anything figured out. The minute you do, change happens. It’s inevitable. This moment matters. This one. I’ll keep blogging. One post at a time. I’m grateful to have you along for the ride.

And since it’s our one year blogging anniversary, let’s take a little trip down Piper lane.

Here are your favorite posts (based on number of hits) from the last blogging year:

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And here is mine:

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And you? What’s your favorite post? What piperism made you laugh out loud? Share!

Katy Perry Piper 2


Piper wants paid. She’s figured out that you like this blog. She doesn’t know what 50,000 hits means but it sounds like an awful lot. Yesterday she demanded royalties.

“Shouldn’t I get paid, you know?” Piper asked. “For the blog? I do provide all of the content.”

“That’s true,” I agreed, “but I don’t get paid.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t charge anything for it. I don’t sell it. And I’ve said ‘no’ to advertisers so far.”

“Whatever,” Piper said, “I should still get paid.”

“In fact,” I added, “I pay for the domain and I pay for the privacy so that word press can’t do anything with my content.”

“Still,” she insisted, “I need money.” Piper doesn’t yet live in logic world.

“How much do you want?” Sissy opened the bidding.

“Five dollars.”

“Sold!” I said.

Piper paused. “I should have asked for more.”

“Yep,” Sissy agreed.



Dog with a Blog

Piper has a blog. Piper loves dogs. It was really only a matter of time before Disney caught on with its new show “Dog with a Blog.” Guess who loves it? I’ll give you a hint. She’s short. She wears tutus. She makes us laugh every single day.

Wednesday night is Girls Night in our house. We put on our pjs. We order pizza. It’s just Piper, Sissy, and me on the couch. It’s the only time during the week that we watch TV. We usually watch Cupcake Wars, but Piper asked for something different this week.

“I think you’ll like it, Mom. There’s a dog. His name is Stan. You like dogs. Stan talks. You like talking. Oh, and he blogs. You do that, too.”

I have to admit that the odds were in Piper’s favor. And it wasn’t terrible. I’m not saying I liked it. It’s corny in a “Saved by the Bell” kind of way. I’ve seen a lot worse. I’m not endorsing “Dog with a Blog” yet but Piper certainly is. “I wonder if our neighbor dogs blog,” Piper wondered. “I’ll bet that Daisy has something good to say.”

Post Piperism? What’s Next?

I’m not really a blogger. A year ago I didn’t even know what a blogger was. I’m a writer and this blog belongs to the Piper. She’s the star. And she gives me plenty of material. That you choose to read it flatters me beyond words. That you’ve embraced the joy that is Piper and laughed a long with me fuels this blog every day. That I’ve learned so much about the process of writing and captured so many of the details of our family’s year is just icing on the cake. I’m grateful, and I’m starting to wonder what’s next.

We’ve reached more than 40,000 hits. Sissy and I have written 250 posts. That means we have about 100 left to complete our 365 days of piperism. Here are a few of the things Piper’s taught me a long the way:

Piper Dharma

I’ll Stop the World and Melt With You

When I Look Up I Just Trip Over Things

Courage Comes in Small Packages

So, what do I do once I reach my goal? What happens to piperism? Do we start a new blog? A new project? Do we hit print and put this project on a shelf to pull down one day when Piper says ‘tell me what I was like as a kid’? Thoughts?

I’d love to hear from you. So would Piper.

52 Pick Up Cards: Sissy’s Post

Back by popular demand: Sissy is guest blogging!

Everyone knows 52 card pick up: the smelly game you teach your little sibling to tease them. But I’ve never met anyone who didn’t dislike it or feel cheated by it. Except Piper.

My cousin Jack and I were setting up a card game. Piper asked if she could play. “Sure” I said. “Try 52 card pick up.”

She loved it. There were songs sung about picking the cards up and whines of wanting me to throw the cards again.

“Let’s play more 52 pick up cards!” Piper said.

“Why do you like 52 card pick up so much?” I asked

“Well, you throw the cards. Then I dance and sing while I pick them up like when I pick up my toys. Then we can play my new favorite game again!”

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a new cleaning lady.

Piper’s Picks

We’re halfway there, dear readers. I pledged 365 piperisms and we’ve made it through more than half the year. 36,000 hits. 205 posts. 761 comments. You people must be either really bored or completely enamored with the Piper. Me, too. We’re grateful.

In honor of our halfway mark, Piper and I spent some time going through the blog. She loves to laugh at herself. Isn’t that a great lesson? “I’m really funny, aren’t I?” Piper said, curled up at my side as we scrolled. Modest, too. Are you taking notes?

“Which ones are your favorites?” I asked.

Piper didn’t even hesitate. “Sissy Blogs.”

So, here you go. Piper’s picks:

Guest Blogger: Sissy

Guest Blogger: Raoul Dahl a.k.a. Sissy

Guest Blogger: Big Sister, Age 9

A Rainbow of Fruit Flavors

Thanks for reading!

Guest Blogger: Sissy

Sissy is guest blogging today!  Here she is:

During lunch yesterday, Piper made this “very ‘aportant” announcement:

“Okay, everyone. See what I’m saying? After lunch, I will be presenting a lalaloopsy play or show. If you need to go to the bathroom, there’s potty breaks. The show is called ‘My Dream’ because me, Piper, dreamed it. I always wanted a lalaloopsy dream, and now I have one! There will be some sad parts, so stick with me. It will be fad-u-lous! Make sure to come!”

Piper promised a show in the afternoon. After a quick trip to the mall and then dinner, she informed us that the title of the show had miraculously changed to “The Five Little Fairies” and that the lalaloopsies were no longer the stars of the show. A lot can change in 4 hours. But when I reminded her of the show thirty minutes later, she replied in her sassiest voice, “Sissy, after this game! We only have three pigs left!” I didn’t ask her what that meant.

I finally got a five minute play out of her, but then there was yet another distraction. A dance party with Daddy sounded so much more fun.

“What happened to the play?” I asked Piper. “I’ve been waiting all day for the show.”

“Show? What show? We need you at the Dance Party! We can’t sing Firework!” she responded.

Apparently, the show must NOT go on.

Birthday Blog: Live Updates

It’s today. Pipey’s big day. I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting the 5th birthday as much as we have. It’s here! Let’s celebrate. I’ll be updating this blog throughout the day with piperisms. Be sure to tune it for the funnies!

8:12 a.m. Piper runs into our room to cuddle. She likes to wake up smooth.

8:22 a.m. “Piper, it’s your birthday!” I say.

“It is?” she asks.

“Yes! Happy birthday, baby!”

“Really? Today?”

“Yep. You’re five. Happy birthday!”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I gave birth to you 5 years ago. I remember.”

“Mom, it’s my birthday. Stop being gross.”

“Happy birthday, Piper!”

“Wow,” Piper says. “I’ve been waiting so long to be 5 and a half!”

8:52 a.m. Piper orders her breakfast in bed. She invites Sissy, too. And Cousin Tay. What did she order? Oatmeal. With rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chips.

9:23 a.m. Still eating. Piper is now sporting a chocolate mustache. She says she’s going to wear it all day so she can snack whenever she wants. “You know why I’m so cute?” Piper asks. “If I wasn’t so cute, I’d get in a lot more trouble.”

10:08 a.m. Our neighbors will love us. Piper gets a new drum set:

12:15 p.m. Sunflowers for the Birthday Girl!

1:17 p.m. More drumming. More bongos. More dancing. More singing.

2:03 p.m. Starting to regret the drum set present. What was I thinking?

2:41 p.m. Mandatory nap time. Mine, anyway. Piper asks, “Can I put on a concert while you nap? I’ll be quiet. Promise!”

3:13 p.m. There is a band in our basement. They must have a big show coming up, thus the constant rehearsing.

3:47 p.m. “Mom, can we have basagna for dinner and then go out for frozen yogurt?” Absolutely. I’ll take sweating in a hot kitchen over steaming pots if I’m rewarded by a trip to the mall. They don’t have drum sets there, right?

5:15 p.m. Basagna baking. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Lady Gaga solo on the drums. Just sayin’.

5:35 p.m. At dinner Piper complains, “I didn’t even get to name myself!”

“What should we have named you?” Dad asks.

“Stella,” Piper says. Of course.

6:32 p.m. Off to Build-A-Bear because a birthday girl has just got to build a bear.

8:32 p.m. Introducing the newest member of our stuffed menagerie: Stella.

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Piper spent much of yesterday being a baby cheetah with Augie. Their reunion was everything you can imagine: jumping, squealing, rolling around like puppies. They played. They went to the park. They had frozen yogurt. They went to the bathroom together and emerged to inform us all that they’d married. It must have been the romantic hand washing. Here’s a little hand holding, too:

“We’re married now!” Augie announced.

“Too soon! Too soon!” Piper said. Then they ran off together again to be baby cheetahs. Here’s some prowling antics:

“You know I’m famous, don’t you?” Piper asked. “You’ve heard of my blog? Piperism? It’s where Mommy writes down all the funny things I say.”

“Oh,” Augie said, clearly unimpressed, “let’s be baby cheetahs again.”

“Roar!” Piper growled, her humility firmly back intact.