Guest Blogger: Big Sister, Age 9

My little sister, Piper, loves to do puzzles. She inherited a lot of them from me. Normally, she does puzzles in a nice fashion, mostly listens (as much as a Piper listens anyway), cooperates, and basically has fun. But not when friends show up. One of her new friends from preschool came over for a playdate, and I suggested they put together a puzzle. Sounds like a good idea, right? Not if Piper’s involved. At the beginning, she refused to do the puzzle and just sat in the box lid. She said, “Well, it’s cozy in there!” Here she is in the cozy spot:

So her friend and I started working on the puzzle. In no time at all, we were almost done. But the little box-sitter decided it was only fair the she gets to put in the last piece. I handed the piece to her friend and told her it was not fair because she didn’t help. Piper gave me a full-on stink eye. Her solution? Piper put the last piece on her head and said, “Look! Now I’m a part of the puzzle.”

-Isabelle, aka “Sissy”

9 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Big Sister, Age 9

  1. Makes sense. What she Really is saying is life is Like a puzzle and We are all peices to the puzzle of life. Together We complete the puzzle. You Just need to translate a little but brilliant.

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