Snow Falling from Sissy

Sissy was in charge today.  It was a holiday from school, so my partner and I split teams.  I had to teach, so he worked from home. Piper and Sissy came up with their own idea of fun.  It’s called an agenda:

Be still my Virgo heart.  Look at that tight scheduling.  Makes this neurotic mama proud. See, fun can be organized? Who needs spontaneity? Mixing up your chores with puzzles is a win-win. How else are you supposed to remember to pick up after playing daycare unless you include “pickup” as part of the activity?  I think Sissy may have already discovered the intoxicating pen stroke of crossing off a task from your to-do list.

When I came home from work, I was met with a full report.  The siblings got along swimmingly.  Apparently, only squabbles occur when the parental units are present.  We’re clearly the problem.  Piper’s assessment was bit more postmodern.

“I like it when Sissy reads better.”

“How come, Piper?”

“When Daddy reads it sound like thunder.  Mommy uses a mouse dream voice and everything always turns out okay.”

“And Sissy?”

“When Sissy reads it’s like snow falling.”

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