52 Pick Up Cards: Sissy’s Post

Back by popular demand: Sissy is guest blogging!

Everyone knows 52 card pick up: the smelly game you teach your little sibling to tease them. But I’ve never met anyone who didn’t dislike it or feel cheated by it. Except Piper.

My cousin Jack and I were setting up a card game. Piper asked if she could play. “Sure” I said. “Try 52 card pick up.”

She loved it. There were songs sung about picking the cards up and whines of wanting me to throw the cards again.

“Let’s play more 52 pick up cards!” Piper said.

“Why do you like 52 card pick up so much?” I asked

“Well, you throw the cards. Then I dance and sing while I pick them up like when I pick up my toys. Then we can play my new favorite game again!”

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a new cleaning lady.

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