Grumpy Naked Guy

Grumpy Naked Guy lives in a corner of the Hirshhorn Museum in Downtown D.C.

Piper may be his biggest fan.

She does wonder sometimes why he’s so darn grumpy. That he’s enormous and nude doesn’t phase a Piper at all.

“Why’s Grumpy Naked Guy so grumpy?” Piper asked.

“Maybe because he forgot his underwear?” Daddy suggested.

“Nah. That’s not it.”

“Maybe he’s cold?” I said.

“Nope. Naked isn’t so cold.” Piper does speak from experience.

She studied Grumpy Naked Guy some more. You really can’t help but stare. Especially in certain parts.

“Maybe he just doesn’t like modern art,” Piper finally concluded.

13 thoughts on “Grumpy Naked Guy

  1. I LOVE the Hirshhorn. It is my favorite museum of all time. Watching you and Piper from afar is sometimes like watching my own childhood, right down to the going downtown-ness of it all. Love this post.

  2. he is grumpy because his doctor just told him he is diabetic, his cholesterol (sp?) is high and he has to lose weight – he was also told that he could eat arrowroot cookies – my diabetic husband was told this to cheer him up and his response was – “great, I get to eat cardboard”

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