Making Dreams Come True

We’re celebrating summer birthdays in Piper’s class today. She’ll be 6 in July, so I volunteered to bring in the (non-dairy, peanut free) treat. Piper knew exactly what we needed.

“You should bring donuts, Mom. Krispy Kremes,” Piper specified.

Turns out Krispy Kreme donuts are in fact non-dairy and peanut free. Oh, and they have a drive-thru, which moms like me adore.

“Anything else?” I asked. I really shouldn’t have.

“A disco ball. Yep. We’ll need a disco ball.”

“Really? A disco ball? For what?”

“For making all my dreams come true. It’s my birthday, you know.”

Product Details

No Exchanges. No Refunds.

Sissy ordered caramel french toast for her annual birthday breakfast in bed. Piper had to eat cold cereal on the floor of Sissy’s bedroom. Piper opted out of the french toast when she saw me making “stuff you dip in eggs that’s gross.”  She did dig two chocolates from her own Easter basket to add to Sissy’s vitamins. She’s got a generous heart, that one.


Piper was pleased just to step into the sacred preteen space. We, too, were allowed into Sissy’s bedroom to deliver the breakfast and wish her a happy birthday. It was quite a treat.

“What’s the best gift you ever received?” I asked Sissy, stopping myself short of cutting the french toast. Back off, Mom. Got it.

Sissy thought for a minute. “Probably my bike,” she said.

“I think Piper’s the best gift we ever gave you,” Dad said. Sissy and Piper exchanged incredulous glances. Me? Her?

“Boy I hope you don’t still have the receipt for me,” Piper said. “I do not want to be returned. I’m ‘as is,’ Sissy.”

Being a Mom is Hard

We have a family tradition on birthdays that we tell you our favorite thing about you and give you a dollar. The favorite thing thing is a blast. The dollar is just a bonus.

Just for fun, here’s Piper getting her favorite things present in “Happy Fake Birthday to You.”

And here’s Piper telling me her favorite thing in “Happy Birthday to Me.”

Yesterday was Grandma’s birthday so Piper and Sissy called her to share the tradition. Sissy said her favorite thing was that Grandma was so crafty. Grandma taught Sissy to sew and needlepoint and other domestic arts that I have zero skill in. Then Piper grabbed the phone:

My favorite thing about you is that you are my mom’s mom. Being a mom is hard. I know. You’re a good mom and you were nice to my mom. That’s my favorite thing, Grandma. 

And here’s my favorite picture of Grandma and Piper:

The Middle Way

I’m sad is one of Piper’s favorite new phrases. It’s both a declaration of emotion and a conversation starter. It’s also startling for a Piper to be bouncing about in a rainbow tutu, smiling her bright smile, and declare her sadness. You have to brace yourself.

The morning after my birthday, Piper declared her latest sadness.

“I’m sad.”

“Why, honey?”

“I’m sad because of your birthday.”

“My birthday? We had a nice time on my birthday.”

“It made me sad. You’re getting old.”

“Well, I’m not that old. I feel pretty good. We all get older. It’s part of life.”

“Yes, but I’m sad because you’re old and you’ll die.”

“True. Someday. But not anytime soon. I don’t think we have to worry about it for awhile.”

“Okay. I’ll save my sadness until then.”

And on that cheery note, Piper skipped out of the room.

Happy Birthday to Me

I’m back. I was missed. It’s always nice to come home even if you’ve only been away a few days. Piper and Sissy greeted me with a birthday party. More details to follow (Sissy’s blogging again soon!)

For now I wanted to share with you our family’s birthday tradition. On your birthday everyone gives you a dollar and tells you their favorite thing about you. Here’s a blog video demonstration of Piper on her birthday: Happy Fake Birthday to You.

I don’t know why we give the dollar, but the sincere compliments make you feel like a million bucks. Here’s Piper doling out mine:

See? I’m fashionable! Who needs a dollar when you’ve got gold?

Is Doomsday Near?

Not really. Just my birthday. In our house that means we’re busy prepping. Not like this:

We prep for fun. And chocolate. Piper’s dad took Sissy and her to the mall today. They were prepping. They each chose one essential ingredient for our survival kit. Piper chose “Godiba.”

“Mom likes tea, too. And coffee,” Daddy suggested.

“No. Godiba.” Piper is an insistent prepper. We expect her to lead our doomsday team.

“How about a book? She loves to read.”

“No. Godiba.”

“Something for her running?”

“No. Godiba. Then she’ll share it with me.”

Piper is the brains of our survival, too.