Darth Vader Brings Home the Bacon and Fries It Up in a Pan

Piper and our current invasion of chipettes proudly delivered this to me this morning:

Remember the great allowance debate? Piper’s been saving her dollars and picking up loose change with her trash. Remember that $5 bill that Grandma and Grandpa sent for Valentine’s Day?  It adds up and eventually my if-you-want-a-lalaloopsy-so-bad-save-your-money-and-buy-it-yourself speech comes back to haunt me. She’s been begging for a lalaloopsy. It’s hard business not giving in to her demands. It’s not just her soft brown eyes and the gut punch you feel when a usually joyous Piper has a quivering lip.  It’s that a Piper is relentless.  She beats you down.  She makes you count her change daily and google the lalaloopsy sale prices.  When Piper wants something, just call it a day.

So, off we went to the store with a box full of money hoping for a hard-earned lesson. Piper was patient while I did the other shopping.  She was gracious standing in line to pay with her own money for the first time.  She was proud of herself. We headed home with our heads held high to introduce Berry Lalaloopsy (she’s the $11.48 variety) to the rest of our family.  She made friends immediately.

Then she sat down on a stool and watched her man make her dinner.

Piper may have learned even more than I bargained for.

Life Illustrated Part 2

Piper has decided that she’s going to sell some art to raise money for her Lalaloopsy desires. So, here’s one of her latest pieces of art entitled “A Fantastical Parade.” I’ve labeled the parts as she narrated just in case they weren’t entirely obvious. Let the bidding begin.

I think any art that incorporates Jesus and a monkey has to be worth something.  Clearly, this is Piper’s Chipette phase, thus the Eleanor precariously perched on the monkey and Jeanette telling her to “Get off that monkey!” Jeanette sounds reasonable to me.  Much more reasonable then not being about to decide if that blue blob in the lower right corner is the ice cream you’ve dropped of monkey excrement. And if Piper’s art doesn’t raise the necessary funds, I’d pay good money to see that mouse juggle fire.

In case this particular piece isn’t your style, check out this one.