What are Grandparents Made of?

Here’s a question that Piper really wants to know the answer to:

“How come parents make you do all the stuff you don’t want to do and grandparents let you do all the stuff you aren’t supposed to do?”

Ah, the crystal clear logic of a four-year-old. Here are a few reasons Piper likes the grandparents better than the parents.

Grandparents buy you ice cream, even the blue and red flavors Mom won’t let you eat because of the food dyes.

Grandparents tell you all their favorite things about you on your birthday. They always make you smile.

Grandparents take you on the carousel and let you ride as many times as you want. And they buy you your favorite rainbow dress.

Grandparents let you fall asleep on them in public whenever you need a nap.  Their arms are always open.

Grandparents kiss you, even when your face is covered in Sissy’s birthday cake.

Grandparents have lots of time to sit and cuddle. Their laps are more comfy because they know how to be still.

Grandparents don’t march you back to your own bed in the middle of the night.  They let you stay.  Piper says, “I like grandma and nana’s sides of the bed because that’s where the snuggling happens. But if you want the tickling, go to grandpa or papa’s side.”

When grandparents are around, you don’t have to eat vegetables or go to bed on time. That’s what parents are for.  I think I like grandparents better, too.

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