Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain

What goes on in a Piper’s head? I wonder myself. It seems a great mash up. Every once in awhile she pulls back the curtain. What comes out is equally fascinating and hilarious. Piper’s revelations make me laugh so hard espresso shoots out my nose.

Yesterday, from her perch on the toilet, with the bathroom door wide open, of course, Piper yelled:

“Wait. Is RG3 like R2D2?”

It took me a full minute to register that she was mixing the Washington Redskins with Star Wars. And that’s what really goes on behind the curtain.

Olympic Winners

We took a little trip down Piper lane tonight. It was longer than expected. Laughter fueled our ride. A good time was had by all. If you need a blast from the short past of piperism or just a quick chuckle to get you through your Olympic viewing (let’s face it-it’s serious business), here are the top viewed piperisms of all time:

Hold On. We’re Going Gaga

Raising Star Wars Girls


Drunk Dialing or Something Like It

Words You Didn’t Know You Needed

There you have it. The top five. The competition was tight. They all put up a good fight. If you were the judge, what piperism would take home the gold?



If You Give a Piper A Box of Star Wars Toys…

…she’ll want her Sissy turn it all into a story.

And once she has the story idea, she’ll ask for a bouncy house for her bounty hunters…

…because after a hard day hunting down bad guys in a galaxy far far away, you need to relax with a little bounce. Once she sees the bouncy house, she’ll ask for a place to store the other broken Star Wars toys…

…in case Obi Wan shows up and needs a ride…

…or tools to defend himself.  Yoda’s Weapon World meets all your basic jedi needs. And once you have your weapon and your transportation, you’ll need a place for all the leftovers.

Once a Piper sees Jabba the Hut’s Junkyard, she’ll ask for another box of her daddy’s Star Wars toys.

Raising Star Wars Girls

Raising Star Wars Girls

It’s no secret that my partner is mildly obsessed with Star Wars.  I’m sure it’s the Death Star and not Princess Leia in a metal bikini that began his adolescent obsession.  So when our local library decided to host a Star Wars Day, we signed up. Piper and her sister made their own light sabers, trained with Yoda, and fought the Dark Side.  Piper did her steamy breath rendition of “Luke…I am your fah-ver,” which she’d been perfecting for weeks in a mirror. But they were among a small minority of girls in attendance. People were surprised we’d sent them.  Star Wars is for boys, right?  Just like colors have genders? Not in Piper’s world.  As we were patting ourselves on the back for raising strong Star Wars Girls, my partner found this:

To Piper, even Master Yoda transcends gender boundaries.