Raising Star Wars Girls

It’s no secret that my partner is mildly obsessed with Star Wars.  I’m sure it’s the Death Star and not Princess Leia in a metal bikini that began his adolescent obsession.  So when our local library decided to host a Star Wars Day, we signed up. Piper and her sister made their own light sabers, trained with Yoda, and fought the Dark Side.  Piper did her steamy breath rendition of “Luke…I am your fah-ver,” which she’d been perfecting for weeks in a mirror. But they were among a small minority of girls in attendance. People were surprised we’d sent them.  Star Wars is for boys, right?  Just like colors have genders? Not in Piper’s world.  As we were patting ourselves on the back for raising strong Star Wars Girls, my partner found this:

To Piper, even Master Yoda transcends gender boundaries.