If You Give a Piper A Box of Star Wars Toys…

…she’ll want her Sissy turn it all into a story.

And once she has the story idea, she’ll ask for a bouncy house for her bounty hunters…

…because after a hard day hunting down bad guys in a galaxy far far away, you need to relax with a little bounce. Once she sees the bouncy house, she’ll ask for a place to store the other broken Star Wars toys…

…in case Obi Wan shows up and needs a ride…

…or tools to defend himself.  Yoda’s Weapon World meets all your basic jedi needs. And once you have your weapon and your transportation, you’ll need a place for all the leftovers.

Once a Piper sees Jabba the Hut’s Junkyard, she’ll ask for another box of her daddy’s Star Wars toys.

Raising Star Wars Girls

Desperately Seeking Bounce

Piper’s daddy returned from California today with tales of his gorgeous hotel accommodations. It’s never really what you want to hear about as the partner that stayed home, but Piper was only concerned with one amenity. At dinner, Dad shared all the grueling details of his trip.

“The hotel was amazing.  You would have loved it, honey,” he began. “There was a beach promenade for running.”

“Was there a bouncy house?” Piper asked.

Blast Zone Little Bopper Bouncer Playset Bounce House

“No bouncy house, but there was a yoga studio in the hotel and a Starbucks.”

“Was there a bouncy house in the Starbucks?”

“No. There wasn’t, but there was a beautiful wine bar on the balcony and outdoor cafes.  Oh, and there was a frozen yogurt place in the lobby.”

“Did the lobby also have a bouncy house?”

“It didn’t, but you could walk on the beach anytime.”

“Was there a bouncy house on the beach?”

You already know the answer. It seems that a good hotel really only needs one thing. A little bounce.

Bounceland 8 in 1 Play Center 9074b