Piper is our sage when it comes to all things doomsday.

At breakfast this morning Sissy filled her in on the end of the world as we know it.

“It’s 12-12-12,” Sissy said. “Something big is going to happen.”

“So what? Who cares?” It helps to imagine Piper’s “Scrooge voice.” Then she finished off her waffle. No reason to face impending doom on an empty tummy.

On the way to school Daddy told Piper the rest of the predictions. Why he chose to do so is a worthy of its own post on questionable parenting decisions but that’s not what this blog is about, is it?

“The Mayan calendar ends next week. Who knows what will happen,” Daddy said. “Some people say that the world will end.” The he busied himself staring out the window to avoid my incredulous glare.

“So what? Who cares?” Piper said. “Bah humbug.”

Is Doomsday Near?

Not really. Just my birthday. In our house that means we’re busy prepping. Not like this:

We prep for fun. And chocolate. Piper’s dad took Sissy and her to the mall today. They were prepping. They each chose one essential ingredient for our survival kit. Piper chose “Godiba.”

“Mom likes tea, too. And coffee,” Daddy suggested.

“No. Godiba.” Piper is an insistent prepper. We expect her to lead our doomsday team.

“How about a book? She loves to read.”

“No. Godiba.”

“Something for her running?”

“No. Godiba. Then she’ll share it with me.”

Piper is the brains of our survival, too.