Every Day is Mother’s Day

No one likes a party more than Piper. She can’t wait. Any reason to celebrate suits her. As you know, Mother’s Day is this weekend. Piper is gearing up. Or more accurately, Sissy, who is currently addicted to Pinterest, is designing daily art projects for Piper to complete for Mother’s Day. Piper can’t wait until the weekend, though, so I get a dose of homegrown love every day leading up to the big event. Here is this morning’s treat:


Ahh….every day should be Mother’s Day. I’ll take it.

Loving You to Pieces

Piper has a history of buying me fragile gifts and then accidentally breaking them shortly after.  She gets too excited. She loves the glass rose with the ‘I Love You, Mom’ ribbon and the sparkly unicorn she painted for me herself. She loves them so much that she wants to hold them and feel them and…oops. Then I’m consoling her for breaking the precious gift. There is an entire shelf in our china cabinet displaying the shattered pieces. They’re still beautiful. Piper and I like to take them out and remember when they were whole.

Thankfully, her gift this year is unbreakable. She told me so when she presented it.

“Look, Mom!  I can’t even mess this one up.  See?  It’s a plastic plate.  I made it myself!”

Since it’s a plate, Piper painted a mouth on it.

“I see the mouth,” I said, “but what’s all the colored stuff in the mouth?”

“That’s what my mouth looks like when I eat a rainbow lollipop!” Of course.

And the plate was put to good use when Piper brought me a menu bright and early on Mother’s Day.

I immediately ordered fresh crepes on my new plate.

Followed by a side of cuddles. They were both delicious.