A Contrarian Doesn’t Smell the Rose Garden

Yesterday Piper went to the White House. Again. She hated it just as much.

Her first visit was last year during the holidays. She almost got us kicked out and I blogged about it in “Is Obama on the Naughty List?” and “Ikea vs. The White House.”

Remember she is the contrarian. Read “A Contrarian Smells the Roses” for proof.

Still, we went back for the White House Garden Tour. My dear friend Jen scored us tickets. Piper brought her favorite stuffed animals along. At least a contrarian knows how to occupy themselves.

Then Piper mapped out her route. She was really just looking for Bo, the Obama’s dog.

Jen tried to help with the map reading. Piper continued to look for Bo.

She didn’t find Bo, but she did find the playground on the White House lawn. She wasn’t allowed to play on it, though. Here’s what she thought of that:

We also found the Bee Hive and the White House Kitchen Garden. Both looked yummy.

Piper wasn’t impressed with either. “Yuck,” she said. “I don’t like eggplant.”

So we had to rely on the one thing that always makes the contrarian smile: Sissy.

Is Obama on the Naughty List?

When you live in DC, you just have to see the White House.  Especially when it’s all gussied up for the holidays.  We waited months for our background checks to clear and to be assigned a date in December. It was a magical morning. There was a choir singing Christmas carols as we toured the decorated rooms and peered over the velvet ropes into history.

Except that Piper almost got us kicked out.  She couldn’t resist all the holiday versions of the First Family’s dog, Bo.  She kept leaning over the barriers trying to do this (note her arm caught in action):

As we came around the corner to the last room, Piper broke loose and scrambled under a Christmas tree for a closer inspection.  I dragged her out by her silver tights and black patent leather shoes, but she’d already discovered that there was nothing under the Obama’s tree.  In a voice much too loud for the occasion, she asked, “How come the President doesn’t have any presents under his tree?  Poor guy!”