A Contrarian Smells the Roses

Yesterday was Sunday Funday, which means that one lucky member of our family gets to choose something completely cool to do and the rest of us go along with it. Willingly. I’d suggested a picnic at the beach, but the rain suggested otherwise. “I know,” Sissy said, “let’s go to the Botanical Gardens. It’s peaceful and there’s cool stuff for Piper, too.”

“I hate the Botangical Whatever,” Piper said.

“But you don’t even know what they are. There are walking paths and flowers. There’s a jungle room. And you can plants flowers in the Children’s Garden.” Sissy had sold me. I started packing snacks.

“I’m contrary,” Piper declared. “I never have fun. Call me the contrarian. I hate everything.”

For once, Piper was right. She didn’t have any fun at all.

It’s wasn’t fun when she walked the beautiful garden paths with her sister.

It wasn’t fun when her Mommy held her because a Piper couldn’t walk another step. See how miserable she looks?

It was boring when she saw lily pads for the first time. That’s why she screamed “Look! Lily pads! I’ve only seen those in books! Look, Sissy!”

The smelling room was a total snoozer. That’s why we spent an hour taking the tops off of every bottle so that we could smell the herbs, plants, and spices from around the world.

It definitely wasn’t fun when we climbed inside the Venus Fly Trap and pretended we were being eaten alive.

And since that was so boring, we turned ourselves into a family of Venus Fly Traps.

The final miserable chore was to plant flowers in the Children’s Garden. Here’s the little contrarian hating every minute of it.

“I hope next Sunday Funday has some fun in it,” the contrarian said on the drive home.

Me, too. As you can see, we didn’t have any fun at all.


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