Lost and Found

Six weeks ago piperism existed only in our hearts and minds. Here is one my favorite pics of Piper’s heart and mind:

So, I decided to blog.  My sister-in-law egged me on. Why not record and share Piper’s hilarity?  Why not write something for fun again and enjoy the process? Surely, at least my mom will read (Thanks for reading, Mom!). More than 7000 hits later, piperism seems to be going strong.  There have been a few…shall we say, accidental followers along the way. I’d like to take a moment to apologize to them.  I’m sorry if piperism led you astray. Here are a few search terms and their actual verbiage (in italics) that have been innocently typed into search engines that resulted in a new piperism reader:

girls that like star wars-Whoever you are, we could be friends.

piperism-Really? 26 searches? It’s sweeping the nation.

darth vader mannequin-You’re weird. That is all.

pull up laxatives-I’m sorry. We can’t help you here. Wishing you potty progress.

Here’s a category I’m not particularly proud of: filthy socks, hoarders for beginners, pictures of stink Nice, Piper, nice.

its okay if you disagree with me i can’t force you to be right-Ooh. Someone’s angry.  Hope the piperism lightened your load.

soulmates resist you-Now that makes me sad. This blog probably isn’t for you. If your soulmate is resisting you, you’ll never get yourself a Piper.

invalidated barbie-Huh? That implies they were ever validated.

utz cheese chips-Clearly, you aren’t listening.  I said the crab utz chips were seasoned crack.  The cheese ones are just regular crack.

lalaloopsy underwear-If that actually exists, Piper is going to go gaga. Again.

girls who love yoda-Sounds like a self-help group for recovering nerd lovers. We’re big fans of yoda and nerds. We get you.

chore chart-This one I totally get.  I think I’ve even searched on that. How else can you prove to your partner how much more you do then them?  It’s all about the score.

mulgated-This actually brought a tear to my eye.  I’m kind of proud. My baby made up a word and two people in this crazy world thought it was real. Sniff.

you don’t need anyone who doesn’t need you-Again, what’s with the anger? I know some good therapists if you need one.

Finally, my personal favorite: tutus and the ballerinas that love them. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Piper in a nutshell. You’ve found your blog.

40 posts later. Here we are.  However you got here, I’m glad you stopped by.  I’m flattered you’re reading. I hope Piper made you laugh or at least helped you see a little more joy in the world. I’ll keep writing and recording the antics and adventures. I’m grateful for the chance. Hope to see you again soon, even if by accident.