It’s an Alligator Eat Shark World

Now that Star of the Week is over, we can move on to sorting out the really important things in life. Here’s a backseat conversation between Piper and her Daddy from the ride to ballet:

“Question! Who would win in a fight with an alligator and a shark?” Piper asked.

“Probably an alligator,” Daddy answered. “I think alligators are stronger.”

“But what would they be fighting about anyway?”

“I don’t know, Piper. What would they be fighting about?” Ah, reverse psychology. Nice move, honey.

“You said most people fight about girls or land, Daddy. It’s gotta be a girl.”

“Then the alligator would win the girl from the shark, I suppose.”

“That’s good. Sharks shouldn’t get the girls.”

If you really want to know the outcome, click here to see the actual match of a Crocodile vs Shark.

The Daily Interrogation Otherwise Known as Our Commute

Piper seems to save her big life inquiries for the drive to and from school. Thank goodness it’s only an eight minute commute.

Yesterday, we planned her romantic future in She Love Me, She Loves Me, Too.  Today, we’re working on her monetary one.

She’s also began announcing “Question!” just to let us know what’s coming.  We’re grateful for the warnings. Brace yourself.

“Question! Do robbers have to pay taxes?”

“I don’t think so, Piper.  They just take stuff. They’re not know for their ethics in reporting income.”

“Question! Will I have to pay taxes?”

“Well, if you make enough money, yes.”

“Question! What do they do with the taxes stuff?”

“They collect all the money and build schools, libraries, roads, and stuff like that.”

“Question! What if I become an artist?”

“Then you probably won’t have to pay taxes.”

We may have just solidified her career path, too.