Let’s Get This Party Started

As you know, we’re amping up around here for Piper’s birthday. She’s excited, too. She’s had to endure being 4 11/12 (Sissy recently taught her fractions) for much too long. 5 needs to get here already.

But Piper doesn’t wait for something as obvious as a birthday to party. As Mrs. Peterman says, “I am the party!” Last night we were enjoying an evening together with extended family, which means most of us were sitting around on couches chatting and catching up when Piper shouted “I know! Let’s play dance freeze tag!” It’s not that we were bored or in search of an activity, it’s that Piper can’t imagine people not on their feet partying every minute. Who wants to do something boring like talk? Geez. As a Piper is, she was relentless in her party planning.

“Dad, you play the guitar. Play something fast so we can really dance. Then stop. We’ll freeze. If you don’t, you’re out. Come on!” Piper said. Then she dragged us one by one off our comfy spots. We went, reluctantly. We danced. Some of us lost rather quickly just so we could settle back into the couches and resume our chat. Piper won freeze tag, of course. She’s always the last one partying.

“How about musical chairs?” Piper suggested next. “Won’t that be fun?”

“Isn’t that a lot like dance freeze tag except with chairs?” I asked.

“Yes!” Piper shouted, once again insisting we all join her fun. And the music began.