You Can Eat Crackers in My Bed Anytime…Except if You’re Naked

It’s come to this. I thought Piper’s nudity problem was adorable. It saves me a lot of laundry. Not everyone in our house has been enjoying her exhibitionist ways, though. This morning, Sissy posted these new rules. Note the specificity of #1:

No Naked Bottoms! That changes everything. I do appreciate the exception that Sissy has made for changing. It’s very reasonable to expect a naked bottom or two during dressing. Do try to keep those nude parts off the furniture and floor. For obvious reasons. The tone is appropriate but firm. I’m definitely going to follow these rules. I want to avoid the consequence of rule #5 for sure. No one likes a “cranky Isabelle.”

Now we’ll just need to teach Piper to read cursive soon.