No Ducks Were Harmed in the Writing of This

Sissy’s birthday extravaganza seems to be coming to an end.  There was the party, the cupcakes, the breakfast in bed. (You can catch up here if you missed it: Breakfast in Bed and Double Digits or Breakfast in Bed Update) Sissy has moved on to the thank you note part.

And her thank you notes come with personalized book marks made out of…you guessed it: duck tape. No feathers included.

Double Digits or Breakfast in Bed Update

I apologize for leaving you, dear reader, with quite the cliffhanger in Breakfast in Bed. You’ve spent the day wondering “Did Sissy invite the Piper to partake of her birthday breakfast? Did she forgive Piper’s snotty ways?”  Of course she did.  She even awarded Piper two mini muffins for good behavior.

It was a delicious way to start the Sissy celebration.  There was cuddling. There were stories from birthdays past. Then we each told Sissy our favorite thing about her and gave her a dollar (a weird and welcome family tradition).

The yummyness continued with cupcake decor.

And we watched home movies starring Sissy as a baby. Piper was mesmerized. How could her heroine have ever been so tiny and full of drool? There’s hope yet.

Then on to the good stuff: gifts.  A Piper isn’t known for keeping secrets. She told Sissy about her gift five minutes after we bought it, and she reminded her every day leading up to the birthday. “Guess what I got you!” Piper said, but there really wasn’t much to guess about. Still, Sissy played along.  She put on her best look of surprise. “Yes! I was hoping for some duct tape!”

“What’s your first project, Sissy?” Piper asked.

Sissy unrolled a reel of neon yellow tape. “I know just what to do,” Sissy said. “Let’s tape your mouth shut!”