If you’ve been keeping up with your piperisms, you know that our little spitfire took a tumble last week. She earned herself a trip to the ER and four stitches. The stitches thread is blue, which Piper thinks is awesome. You can read about the drama here.

Yesterday Piper returned to school. She was excited to share her injury. Unfortunately, her mother made her put a band aid on it to keep out additional germs. Moms ruin all the fun. So Piper asked me to take a picture of her gruesome chin and print it. Stitches make for killer show and tell. Piper didn’t mind the attention one little bit.

She came home from school with this note from two of her best buddies.


“I am sorry that you fell down. Your friends, Madeline and Kian.”

Morning News

Most kids have a rough spot in their day. Usually, it’s the dinner/bath/bed hour in which they simultaneously move like molasses and collapse from exhaustion/overstimulation. Sissy and Piper have grown beyond that. They’re older. They party like rock stars these days. We have to end their nightly fun and beg them to sleep.

Mornings, however, can be trying. They don’t want to wake up. Then they want to linger over their hot cups of tea for an hour. The mad dash for the door happens in about 3 minutes. Clothes/teeth brushing/hair combing/backpacks in 90 seconds or less. We have no valid excuse for the morning crazy. School doesn’t even begin until 9:15 a.m. Wouldn’t you love hours like that? Our mornings would probably be more efficient if we weren’t pausing to crack up at a piperism every few minutes. Here’s a run down of why we were late this morning. Again.

7:40 a.m. “Mom, I had a dream last night! I was being chased by chipmunks. And I was completely naked. Except for my tiara, of course.”

8:10 a.m. “This tea tastes like sunshine in a cup. A cup of love. But I think it gives me gas, too.”

8:14 a.m. (calling through the open door from the bathroom) “Yep. It gave me gas. I’m going number 3 in here. That’s when you peefartpoop all at once!”

8:32 a.m. “I love that John Lennon song. You know, Imagine. The one Sissy learned on the piano for your birthday last year. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world WILL BE MINE.”

8:38 a.m. “My breakfast is cold now. Would someone heat it up for me?”

8:44 a.m. “Sissy! I’m getting dressed in here. All by myself. It’s a hoot. I’m going to need some accessories. Some bling. You can’t go to school with anything less than three accessories, you know.”

8:52 a.m. “How am I supposed to decide which of my favorite stuffed animals to sneak into my backpack when everyone’s yelling about being late to school? Geez.”

Then, we stumble toward the door. Sissy and Piper are mostly fed, somewhat organized, almost completely groomed, usually happy.

That’s Amore More

I cleaned out the car yesterday. Here is a list of things Sissy and Piper left in the backseat:

7 used kleenexes

12 discarded lollipop sticks

4 half eaten granola bars

245987 wrappers

2 empty water bottles

17 unidentifiable objects

and 1 note written from Sissy to Piper…


…that made me forget the rest of the mess.

The Next Big Olympic Sport

It snowed! It snowed! It snowed!

In honor of the snow, Piper has invented a new sport. It’s called Snow Cuddling. Here’s how it goes, according to the Piper.

Step One: It has to snow.

Step Two: You look at the snow.

Step Three: You cuddle while looking at the snow.

Step Four: Repeat steps One through Three.

Two hour snow delays encourage creativity.

It’s Me. Your Pipey.

Sleep seems to take so long for the Piper. It’s like almost ten whole hours that we are apart. Piper doesn’t know how we stand the moments without her. She knows it’s hard on us. So she wakes us every morning the same. Gently.

First, she scurries to the door to check for sunlight. She’s not allowed to get out of bed until the sun does. It’s also supposed to be after a number that starts with 7.

Once Piper gets the go ahead from the sun, she starts whispering. From the hallway.

She uses her best breathless Kathleen Turner voice. “Good morning,” she whispers, “the sun is awake. Good morning, family.”

Then she pounces and announces. “It’s me, people. It’s me. The Piper. Your Pipey. I’m here for the morning snuggle. Did you miss me?”

Of course we did.