Morning, Sunshine

Piper likes to paint the sun in all of her pictures.

Sometimes her pictures have multiple suns. ¬†They’re always bright yellow with lots of rays. Sometimes the suns hang out on the ground and sometimes they do their business in the sky with the clouds and birds. You never know where a sun will appear.

“I drew this sun for you!” Piper said, peeling off another sun, flower, sky picture from her easel.

“I love the sun! Yellow is my favorite color.” I admired the painting.

“The sun always makes me think of you, Mommy.”

“Really?” I asked. I’ve been called lots of things. Sunny has never been one of them.

“Yep,” Piper nodded. “Because you wake everyone in our house up, too. Just like the sun. Whether we want you to or not.”


Spa Bound

“Mom,” Piper asked, “do you ever wear cucumbers on your eyes when you go to the spa?”

“Once I did, but usually they just put little hydrating pads on your eyes that do the same thing,” I said.

“Do they use anything besides cucumbers? You know, like broccoli or peppers?”

“No, just cucumbers.”

“I’d want the cucumbers, too. Then if I got hungry, I’d just eat them and ask for more.”

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