Gender Trumps

We had to split teams tonight. Sissy had a violin concert at school scheduled much later than Piper’s bed time. Normally, I’d drag Piper along and juice her up on a sugar high, but she’s fighting a cold and she’s completely off sugar (more on that later).

So, one parent needed to stay home, wash lunch boxes, give a bath, do dinner dishes, etc. and one parent needed to shuttle Sissy and her violin to school and enjoy the concert. I was game for both, but after a long day giving final exams, I was kind of hoping for the home duty. It didn’t work out that way. Dad thought the sisters could rationally work out the split. He was wrong.

“Mom needs to come to the concert,” Sissy said. “She’s always supported my musical career. And she helped me pick out my dress. She gets to come.”

“Mom needs to say home,” Piper said. “No offense, Dad, but I need someone my own gender tonight.”