The Sound of Silence

Remember when I said we were big gamers? I failed to mention our favorite, the quiet game.  I think you know how this goes. Everyone is supposed to be quiet and the first one to make a noise, loses the quiet game.  Your job as a sibling is to poke, prod, and tease until you can get a giggle or squeak to escape from your sister’s mouth. Then you win.

It’s probably not shocking that Piper isn’t very good at the quiet game.  She spent the first two years of her life mostly silent, but she’s been making up for it ever since.  I’m so used to the constant Piper banter, that it’s become the background soundtrack of my day.  Strangers stop me at the grocery store, “Wow.  She sure talks a lot, doesn’t she?”  I hadn’t noticed.  Silence would be more alarming than a chattering Piper.