Beauty is in the Eye of Your Mother

If you give a four-year-old a choice of the following Saturday outings: Smithsonian, park, or yard sale, which do you think she’d choose?

Yep. You’re right.  Piper chose to grab her money from her cash register and dig through our neighbor’s castaways. First, she raided her allowance stash.

Then she ran out the door with her Nana.

Don’t worry.  She brought us all back treasures.  And that’s the thing about a Piper. She loves to give gifts. She’s especially generous with the unwanted knickknacks of complete strangers. You won’t believe her fortune.

I know you have your eye on the holiday snow globe, but that’s for me. Isn’t it gorgeous? Santa is dancing with Mrs. Claus while that charming little family looks on. I’m already looking forward to Christmas. The plastic red bird ornament is for Piper’s dad.  She says he’ll hang it on our tree this year.  The cool cat statue have sustained some minor ear damage but they’re good as new. Meow. Who could resist a Disney globe with all those princesses?  Not Sissy.  And the bracelet? Well, Piper even got a little something for herself. A girl deserves a treat after all that haggling.  But the real find? The super-duper-coolest-yard-sale-find ever? Roller skates.

Complete with knee pads and elbow pads.  A Piper falls, you know. I’ll have the super glue ready.

Superglue to the Rescue

Does this look like a place Piper should be playing?

Is it the steep, winding stairs or the potential to plunge to one’s death that attracts Piper? Probably both. How about this?  Does she need to do this?

Why can’t we just visit her sister’s classroom without Piper climbing into a hallway locker? Because she’s Piper.  She’s a risk taker. A brave and crazy soul sent here to test my sanity. She spends most of her day inventing ways to hurt herself.  I spend most of my day keeping her alive.  I’ve lost count of the number of black eyes she’s had.  She’s so banged up and bruised most of the time people give me funny looks in public. I’d have more pictures but I’m busy catching her.  I’d like to stuff her in a little bubble but I know she’d figure out a way to escape or to burst the whole thing.

Rather than running her to the ER for stitches once a week, I bought this:

Now I just superglue her boo boos.  I keep some extra in the car for on-the-go death plunges. But I still have to ask.  As if it’s going to help me much.

“Piper, why do you hurt yourself? Can’t you try to be a little more careful?”

“Well, you see, there’s lots of things in the world and I like lots of space so I can twirl around.” She danced straight into a wall to demonstrate. “And one more thing. I’m little. And I think stuff jumps out at me.”