Swimsuits Optional

We stumbled upon one of those outdoor water play things downtown yesterday. I know some people like to “plan” their vacations with lists of “sights to see” and “must-visit hot spots.” They research and send away for brochures. They bookmark sights and book hotels in advance. We like to stumble. We drive through neighborhoods and ask about the best ice cream joint. We eavesdrop in coffee houses. We go to the library and pretend we’re locals. The folks at toy stores always know the best places for dining out with kids.

So, we weren’t exactly expecting the awesome outdoor water play thing. Therefore, Piper didn’t have her bathing suit.

“Can I play?” Piper asked her dad.

“Of course. Go on in,” he said.

“But I’ll get my clothes wet?”

“So? They’ll dry.”

Piper tiptoed near the fun. Cautiously.

“But I need a swimsuit,” she said.

“We don’t have one, P. Just go in.”

Swimsuits are always more of a suggestion than a rule, right? I mean, when I dress Piper up in her star studded bikini with matching sun hat, it’s really only for the cuteness factor. And the photo op. She usually peels it off anyway.

Piper continued to feign concern. We didn’t take it that seriously. If you’ve gotten to know Piper through this blog, you probably don’t either. The girls got guts. Crazy courage. Rules schmules.

“Well,” Piper said, “if I must.”