Careless Whispers

At dinner last night Sissy reminded us that we hadn’t decided on our family Lenten sacrifice. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, so the clock was ticking. I’m pretty sure Sissy has wings hidden on her back somewhere. Here is the brainstorming session verbatim.

Sissy: TV? We could all give up TV.

Piper: NOOOOO.

Dad: How about beer and chocolate?  I’d be willing to abstain from those for 40 days.

Me: That totally doesn’t count. You’re allergic to those things, and I’m not giving them up.

Sissy: I know something that would really hurt? Our glasses.

Dad: But we’d all be blind.  We all wear glasses.

Me: Good point.  That might cause more harm than good.

Piper: How about board games?  We could give those up.  We waste half the night playing those things.

Sissy: True, but I’d miss family board games.

Dad: A lot of people give up meat for Lent.

Sissy: So we have to give up tofu?

Piper: We’d STARVE!

Dad: I’ve got it.  I’d be willing to give up underwear. Just think of all the laundry we’d save.

Me: No. Just no.

Piper: Gross.

Sissy: Eww.

Dad: How about mean words?

Me: It’s a great idea.  We could all work on not saying mean words to each other.

Piper: What if I forget?

Me: How about we all say three nice things to make up for the one mean word?

Sissy: We’re going to need a poster.  I’ll make a poster. Can I make a poster?

Dad: Sure.

Piper: Wait. Let me ask one question. Are potty words considered mean words? What if I whisper mean words and no one hears me? Does that count?

This might be a rough forty days.  I’ll keep you posted.