Glamour Girl

We’re gearing up for a week without Sissy. Sniff. Sniff. She’s going to sleep away camp in the mountains. She’s been packing her trunk for weeks. It’s great that she’s excited, right? What a brave girl, huh? Piper and I are in mourning, but we’re keeping it to ourselves. At least I am. With Sissy away doing cool camp things, that means Piper will have two doting parents all to herself. And yet.

“No one ever pays attention to me!” Piper complained yesterday. I’m sure you’re on her side, dear reader. You can tell from this blog what a deprived child poor Piper is. Sarcastic sniff.

Still, I’m a bit vulnerable these days. Proud of my growing up kid. Sad for how much I’ll miss her. Grateful to have the time with Piper alone. It’s one long emotional roller coaster ride. So I fell for the “poor Piper” bit in the worst way.

“I’m available, P. We have an hour together while Dad takes Sissy to piano. What would you like to do? I’m all yours,” I said, wiping away her fake tears.

“Paint my nails, please,” Piper begged.

“Ah, honey. Of course. Ā I can do that.”

“With this,” she added, pulling out an enormous box hidden behind her back.

My only logical reaction was to run screaming from the room and avert my eyes. Piper had clearly been digging through the “who the heck gives this plastic crap to a kid for their birthday?” pile. You know, the gifts you stash away for never? The one thing I forbid in this house is glitter. And there it was in four shiny tubes just waiting to embed itself in every corner of the house. I loathe glitter. It’s the devil.

“A designer nail and tattoo studio? Wow, that sounds fancy,” I managed through gritted teeth. Then IĀ poured a drink rolled up my sleeves and said yes. Remember I was feeling vulnerable. Surely, I hadn’t paid enough attention to Piper’s “look” as the box encourages.

So, we unpacked all the tubes and glue and (gasp) glitter and set them all up in the tacky purple tray just like the front of the box instructed and got to work on our neglected “look.”

“They’re perfect!” Piper squealed. “Can we do this every day?”

It may be an even longer week without Sissy than I expected.

18 thoughts on “Glamour Girl

  1. I am convinced Piper and I are kindred spirits. To this day I am on the constant hunt for the best color/glitter combo for my nails. These days I keep the glitter to my toes, but as soon as I get home my boyfriend asks “What color glitter this time, babe?” He knows me well. My toes are purple with pink glitter right now.

    Piper and I are cut from the same cloth, as I also enjoy wearing tutus and thats secretly why I stuck with ballet for so long. And…underwear was always my last thought when a tutu was involved.

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