Never Leave the Nuts

Piper has an answer for everything these days. Unfortunately, it’s not the answer you want. When we dropped her dad off at the Metro this morning he kissed her good-bye and wished her a good day. Piper’s answer?

“Dad, remember: Never leave the nuts with the nuts!”

I know. We did a double take, too.


“I said: Never leave the nuts with the nuts!”

Sissy came to the rescue.

“It’s from Penguins of Madagascar.The penguins say you shouldn’t leave the food with the squirrels or something like that. It also works for not leaving the good stuff with the crazies.”

Later in the afternoon, I suggested we clean up the playroom.

“Well, Mom. Maybe. But you should never leave the nuts with the nuts, you know,” Piper said.

Piper’s new answer actually works well in many situations. Go ahead. Give it a spin. Let me know how it works for you. Make Piper proud.