Opposites Attract

I’ve always believed that Sissy and Piper hold secret meetings to determine who likes what to ensure that they never agree. This is especially true when it comes to food. Sissy love pears. Piper hates them. Piper loves cucumbers. Sissy prefers salad. Piper won’t eat lettuce. She’ll eat her weight in grapes, though. Grapes make Sissy gag. It goes on and on. They’re both pretty good eaters, but they just won’t eat the same things. Ever.

Tonight at dinner Piper asked for some plain bread. Sissy wanted hers, of course, with butter. Piper couldn’t think of anything else to complain about so she said, “I hate the crust.”

“Crust?” Sissy asked, “The crust is the best part!”

“I like the insides.”

“I only like the outside, really.”

“Fine,” I said, peeling apart the bread and dividing up the pieces. “Satisfied?”

They seemed to be. I was more than annoyed, but at least there wouldn’t be wasted bread.

“Mmm,” Piper said, yumming up the sourdough center, “this bread is warm. Just like Mommy.”