Stuck in a Compromising Position

Piper got stuck today under her bed. Naked. “I was just trying to clean under here!” she claimed when I found her bare booty caught in the slats of her bunk bed. She wiggled like a worm trying to free herself. It wasn’t pretty but it was entertaining.

Why was she wearing her birthday suit, you ask? Good question. I’d showered her post pool and she said she needed time to “air out.” Her room also needed cleaning so the two activities logically fit together. Until she got stuck. Naked.

“Fiddlesticks!” Piper yelled when she realized she was truly jammed in under the bed. “Oh, fiddlesticks!” she said again as I coaxed her exposed limb by exposed limb out. “Ah, air!” she celebrated when she finally bounced up from her confinement and examined herself for splinters. Then she put her hands on her hips and proclaimed “Fiddlesticks!” one more time and took a victory lap. Naked, of course.