The Show Must Go On

Do you remember your childhood puke pot? You know the one. You can’t hang out in the bathroom all day when you’re sick, so your mom or dad would make you lug around the puke pot just in case. They pushed it in your direction every single time you coughed. Just in case. Our family’s was a cast iron pot with a broken handle. You had to carry one size by the exposed screw. We all remember it fondly. Yesterday, Piper earned her very first puke pot.

It’s a bit too upscale for its purpose if you ask me. It’s my favorite stock pot from William Sonoma. My stews will probably never taste the same. I offered a plastic cleaning bucket, but Piper had an opinion about that. “It smells! I’m not going near that thing!” As if what she was planning on doing in it was going to smell like roses. Eww.

So everywhere Piper went, her puke pot did too. Luckily, after a few doses of antibiotics, it didn’t get much action. I knew Piper was feeling better when the puke pot got turned upside down into a stage for the My Little Pony show. Normally I dread these performances, but I was so relieved to see some energy back in the Piper and a tiny smile that I cheered Buttercup and Twinkle Toes on. And they made it through the entire show before Piper had to borrow back their stage. It was a grand finale I’ll never forget.

Call of the Cutie

I wish that my knowledge of My Little Pony were not so vast and varied but it is. I owe it all to Piper. She’s spent a good part of the summer catching up on Friendship is Magic episodes. She’s memorized each complex plot line and adopted new vocabulary from the shows. She’s learned to read a dozen words on the screen so that she can select episodes for multiple viewings. ¬†One of her favorites is “Call of the Cutie” in which each pony is awarded their own special “cutie mark.” I can’t make stuff like this up. Here’s the gripping episode teaser:

First your flank is blank. Then one day, you get your cutie mark! How can Apple Bloom get this sign that shows what makes her special? When will it happen?

If you really must know the answer, you can find the My Little Pony channel on You Tube and finish the episode. Or you can just call Piper and she’ll explain every single detail.

Piper’s assigned each of us our very own “cutie mark,” too. It’s how she likes to define people. Grandpa’s “cutie mark” would be a fishing pole. Grandma’s would be a sewing machine. Sissy’s is a book. Daddy’s is his IPhone. She gave me a heart. Ahhh.

“I wonder what my cutie mark would be?” she asked, assessing her naked backside to see if she already had a cutie mark. She doesn’t. Whew. “Maybe a dog? I do love dogs. Maybe a rainbow! Cuz I love rainbows.”

“Maybe a tutu?” I offered. Piper rolled her eyes. My suggestions these days are met with a lot of eye rolling.

“I know!” she exclaimed. “My cutie mark would be an exclamation point!”

“Do you know what an exclamation point is?” I asked. Surely, she hasn’t mastered punctuation yet.

“Sure. They’re all over the My Little Pony episodes. Whenever they have a sign or write a note it’s got that line and a dot that says they’re all excited. My cutie mark would be that!”