Storm Prepping III

“What’s that?” Piper asked, gazing over my shoulder at the computer screen.

“That’s Sandy,” I explained.  “She’s the big storm headed our way. That’s why you don’t have school today.”

“It looks like cotton candy. Yum.”

Storm Prepping II

We’re waiting. And waiting. Waiting for Sandy. Storm prepping has been done for days. We’re all bedded down in the basement like it’s a grand slumber party. Schools are closed. The city is shut down. Flashlights are ready. We’ll be carving pumpkins by candlelight.

Piper’s planning, too. “Mom, I have a great idea. Why don’t you ground us now from the TV? That way when the power goes out and we can’t watch it, it’ll be punishment.”

“But you haven’t done anything wrong, P? Why would I ground you?” For the record, Piper has never necessitated a grounding. Sissy was grounded for about five minutes. Once.

“Yeah,” Piper said, continuing her scheme, “but you could ground us now for a future grounding and then we’d not watch TV and it can count for a future punishment.”

“It doesn’t work that way, Piper,” Sissy said.