Miniature But Mighty

Piper, Sissy, and I are growing strawberries in our backyard. This morning Piper decided she was hungry for one so we went to inspect our harvest. This was the entire batch:photo-354

Did you miss it? Our thumb size strawberry?

It’s miniature but mighty. Just like Sissy and Piper.

“Mom, will you cut it in half for me?” Piper asked. “I don’t want to get full.”

Then she laughed herself silly at her own joke.

Bloom Where You’re Planted

According to Sissy, I have a brown thumb.  I can kill grass on our front lawn just by looking at it. I’ve somehow managed to keep two children alive, though, which probably matters more than herbs. Fortunately, Nana is visiting this week and she knows her way around a garden.  One of their projects was to plant pansies in our front beds.

They couldn’t find gardening tools because I don’t have any, so they resorted to digging holes in the soil with ice cream scoops. It worked. Nana started the holes and the girls dug the good stuff. There were worms and grubs crawling around in the dirt, which pleased the Piper. “Look, Nana! I got one. Those worms are fat!”

Then came watering time. Again, my lack of gardening tools was apparent. Nana brought out pans of water with soup ladles for distribution.  Piper loved this part. She was a bit zealous with the water.  Maybe more of it got on Piper than on the flowers.

“You know what these flowers really need?” Piper asked. “Songs.”

So gardening went opera style and the flowers perked right up.