Bling and More Bling

In addition to rainbows, Piper enjoys her bling. She’s always been a bit of a girlie girl. Thus the tutus, sparkly shoes, and glittery headbands. Every morning she stands at the mirror with me and dabs on some blush while I’m getting ready for work. Then she walks to the jewelry box, looks me up and down, and selects the perfect accessory. More is always more. If it were up to Piper, I’d wear three necklaces and six bracelets every day. And if earrings don’t dangle, what’s the point? Bling is just another way Piper expresses her big personality and her fashionista style.

On my recent trip for work I skipped the toy store when I was souvenir shopping. It was a first. Instead I perused clothing boutiques in downtown Savannah and jewelry carts along the way. It was a touch job, but I suffered through the fun. I found a purple scarf with peace signs for Sissy and this for Piper:

I know, right? It’s rainbow. It’s made of wooden beads. It wraps around P’s little wrist perfectly. It’s a more is more kind of bracelet that’s easy to wear. She LOVES it. It was a risk to forego the obligatory plastic toy, but Piper jumped up and down when she saw it. The bracelet hasn’t left her wrist since.

Yesterday Piper wore her new rainbow bracelet to school. “It’s five bracelets in one!” she told her friends. They didn’t believe her, so she had to demo how to accessorize again and again. Her classmates were in awe. “It’s hard for them to understand” Piper said, “because most of them aren’t as fashionable as me.” Touche.