Potty Parties and Do-overs

According to the dictionary (I’m giggling because I just read many college student essays that began in this pitiful way), a do-over is a noun that allows “a change to redo an action” and alludes to “going back in time.” We need many do-overs in this house.  In fact, we all need more do-overs in life. This morning was no exception.

Piper likes company in the potty.  It’s rarely a private affair.  In her early potty days, she insisted that I stand close enough that she could plunge her head into my belly in case the job became too intense.  Fortunately, those traumatic bathroom days are behind us. She still likes to talk at full volume through the door, though, narrating the action, sometimes trying out her beloved potty words.  So when I heard this:

“Mom, I’m going to try to go to the bathroom like a boy!”

I ran, just as you would, to stop the madness. Too late.

“Oh, that didn’t work out so well,” she called before I even made it through the door.

Where is the do-over button when you need it?