Lovey-Dovey Bound

You know those videos of kids whose parents surprise them with trips to Disney? The kids scream with delight and bounce up and down with excitement. They hug their parents and swear eternal gratitude. That’s what it was like when we told Piper an hour into our road trip this morning that we were Augie Bound. (See Soulmates and What We Talk About When We Talk About Love¬†for background on the Piper/Augie Lovefest)

“Really, Mom? We get to see Augie! Really?” Piper’s eyes kind of popped out of her head.

“Really. We’re on our way now,” I answered.



“How much longer?” Piper asked.

“About 10-”

“-Minutes?” she interrupted

“10 hours.”

20 minutes later she needed another arrival time update. Then Piper began scheming.

“I’m going to ask Augie-in private-if he wants to be my lovey-dovey.”

“Why did you pick Augie?” Dad asked.

“Because he’ll probably say yes.”

“He’s a good guy,” Sissy agreed, “but you might want to wait until you have a better reason to ask someone to be your lovey-dovey.”

“Wait a minute,” Piper said, “aren’t I older than Augie? That won’t work!”

“You’re only a month older, P. I think it will be okay,” I answered.

“Yeah, you’re right. You’re older, too, Mom. Dad doesn’t seem to mind.”

(For the record, I’m four months older. He never lets me forget it, either.)