Even Before the Coffee: Treasure!

Ever wake up to find a treasure map in your bed? It happens around here.  Piper and Sissy planned it with their Nana  during our date night. We’d been out late being crazy kids and were woken up at the crack of dawn by two squealing little girls who couldn’t wait to send us on another adventure.

A treasure hunt pre-coffee early Sunday morning? Maps to read and clues to unravel before the New York Times? Sounds uncivilized. I’m game.

So we stumbled off in search of our first clue. Piper was bouncing up and down like a squirrel on crack. It took all the self-control she could muster and her Sissy holding Piper’s hands behind her back to stop her from tearing open the envelopes and giving it all away.

I’m guessing you know how this went. Clue 1 led to my underwear drawer where we found Clue 2 which led to my makeup drawer which led to Clue 3 in the play kitchen in Piper’s room (They tricked us on that one! We went to the wrong kitchen, of course). Clue 4 led us to the bookshelves in the basement which led which led to:

The suspense is killing you isn’t? Finally, the treasure! I was secretly hoping it was a latte. Did I mention I hadn’t had coffee yet and Piper was doing her best imitation of a ping pong ball? Ah, treasure!

The long-awaited and hard-earned treasure was the ceramic butterfly Piper and I painted together last week. My heart melted just a little, I have to admit. It is pretty darn cute. Like most things, the hunt with Sissy and Piper in tow was the real prize. Everyone wins.