Scoring Big

To conclude the birthday week festivities, we had a small party for Piper yesterday morning at the park. It was a breakfast picnic. She invited a few friends from her class. It was blazing hot. We brought watermelon, water balloons, and iced water. There were bubble wands and beach balls. It was just the right size. Alex and Andrew, Piper’s best buddies, were there with competing Lalaloopsy presents. It was an impressive match. Alex won be sheer volume, but Andrew surged ahead when the Lalaloopsy tattoos were revealed. There was a hush among the other six children gathered and then a “Whoa!” The tats were a huge hit. Piper’s Daddy leaned over to Andrew to congratulate him. “Nice. You scored big with Piper,” he said.

Andrew swaggered away to the swing set and called over his shoulder, “I always score big with Piper.”